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Welcome to my website which will introduce you to the wonderful world of hip and knee replacements! I started my career in 1994 performing both spine surgery and joint replacements. Over the years, I increased my focus on the hip and knee and now commit 100% of my time to joint replacement operations.

This website is specially designed for our patients to have all the necessary information related to the diagnosis and treatment of hip and knee pain. In addition to this, the site provides information on appointments, driving directions, contact details and much more.


Daniel J. Albright, MD, FAAOSBoard Certified Orthopedic Surgeon

Daniel J. Albright, MD, FAAOS
28 Years Experience

Dr. Daniel Albright is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon, who completed two fellowships in total hip and knee replacements. Dr. Albright completed his undergraduate degree at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire, and attended Louisiana State School of Medicine in New Orleans. He completed his residency in orthopedic surgery at Yale-New Haven Hospital. Following residency,

Message from Dr. Dan Albright

"MOTION IS LIFE and LIFE IS MOTION" is a common saying in orthopedics. To have a healthy life, we all need to move, the more the better. If you have worsening arthritis pain in your hip or knee, you ought to get it checked out. My first goal with my patients is to explore all the things that can be done besides surgery. When your hip or knee arthritis pain gets too intense, joint replacement can be a fantastic option.

Areas of Expertise
Anterior Total Hip Replacement

Direct Anterior Hip Replacement is a minimally invasive hip surgery to replace the hip joint without cutting through any muscles or tendons. Traditional hip replacement involves cutting major muscles to access the hip joint. Normally, after a traditional hip replacement

Total Hip Replacement

Hip replacement has become necessary for your arthritic hip: this is one of the most effective operations known and should give you many years of freedom from pain.

  • “Hi Dr. Albright, Wes, and Crystal, I just wanted to follow up and share that I got to play 18 holes of golf with my son and my dad today which is one of our yearly traditions. ”
    ~ J.G.
  • “I would recommend Dr. Albright and his team in a heartbeat. He has done an excellent job of fixing my leg. Can’t say that it was broken just a few months back. ”
    ~ S. J.
  • “Pain was gone immediately after surgery. Dr. Albright was and is very informative when discussing procedures and explaining after care.”
    ~ T. Y.
  • “[The surgery] relieved the severe pain I was having and improved my mobility. He is easy to talk to. His office staff is very helpful”
    ~ N. C.
  • “I can walk – and the pain is much improved. This is my second surgery, the first was in the spring of 2001 and I would trust Dr. Albright to operate on me again.”
    ~ J. B.
  • “[The surgery] stopped the pain plus I was able to move better after. Dr. Albright is easy to talk to and work with. He explains in detail about the procedure or surgery.”
    ~ M.W.
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