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The Facts You Need About Anterior Hip Replacement

The Facts You Need About Anterior Hip Replacement

Dr Dan Albright anterior hip replacement Surgery RaleighAs joints wear down with time and use, mobility and quality of life suffer. As a result, some people turn to joint replacement surgeries to retain their former lifestyle or something close to how they lived before. One typical joint to replace is the hip. They do a lot of work and are relatively large, so wear is understandable.

Anterior Hip Replacement Surgery in Raleigh NC

Traditional hip replacement surgery is invasive and can require a great deal of physical therapy afterward. Anterior hip replacement, however, is less invasive and thus generally the better option. Therefore, knowing more about anterior hip replacement surgery in Raleigh is essential for potentially improving your quality of life.

The Anterior Approach

Anterior hip replacement works by approaching the hip joint from the front or anterior instead of the more common procedure, which comes from the back or posterior. Posterior hip replacement is more invasive because there is more muscle and fat which has to be cut. However, the anterior approach involves less tissue between the skin and hip joint, and the tissue can also usually be moved aside to expose the joint - no cutting required.

Quicker Recovery

Since the overall procedure for anterior hip replacement is less invasive and involved, there is a smaller incision and less damage to the area around the replaced hip. That means less recovery time in the hospital and less time in physical therapy.

Candidates for Anterior Approach

Though not a new procedure, anterior hip replacement is becoming more common because it is less invasive and boasts a faster recovery. That said, not everyone in need of such surgery is eligible for anterior hip replacement. Most candidates are, but those with rare degenerative issues or severely overweight may not qualify to undergo the anterior procedure. In addition, extra muscle and fat increases the risk of complications. Generally, though, the vast majority of those seeking anterior hip replacement surgery are eligible.

Pros and Cons

To ensure eligibility of anterior hip replacement surgery Raleigh, or anywhere else, consult a medical expert and see what choices are available. The shorter hospital stay and physical therapy make for a faster overall recovery.  All that means is a quicker return to the quality and mobility of life experienced before the hip started to inhibit either. Like any such surgery, there are risks, which should also be discussed with a medical professional.  Hip displacement or infection are possible. Make sure to know the facts and what to do to make a better life possible once again.

Orthopedic Surgeon

If you are living with constant hip pain, hip replacement surgery may be an option. If anterior hip replacement surgery in Raleigh, NC, is being considered, contact Dr. Dan Albright, an orthopedic surgeon, for a consultation. For more information, call 919-863-6808 for an appointment.

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