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Post-Hip Replacement Surgery Care 

Post-Hip Replacement Surgery Care 

Dr Dan Albright outpatient surgeryWhile hip replacement is an outpatient surgery, patients need to undergo appropriate rehabilitation and recovery to achieve the best results. The process will allow one to manage the pain and heal while learning to do daily tasks again. The only way to understand this is to know what to expect after surgery and how to handle it. So, if you want to know about post-hip replacement surgery care, you are in the right place.

Outpatient Surgery: After Hip Replacement

Follow Doctor's Orders Closely 

Hip replacement is an outpatient surgery, and you can expect to go home the same day or the next day (this will depend on various factors such as your health and fitness before the surgery). However, your doctor will give you complete instructions on caring for yourself at home. It's a good idea to have someone with you after surgery to note everything down. Following the orders closely and doing everything you are told is the best step towards complete recovery without complications. Of course, everything will feel different, such as walking and lying down, but you need to give it time to recover. 

Returning To Work 

If your job does not require much movement, you can return to work three to six weeks after your procedure. On the other hand, if your job requires you to stand a lot or lift heavy objects, you might have to wait until at least eight weeks to return. Again, it is best to consult your doctor about this, depending on your fitness and general health. 

Resuming Driving 

A general rule of thumb is that if the surgery is on your non-driving leg, you can drive once you are off pain medications and can get in the car without any help. On the other hand, if you had surgery on your driving leg, you will have to wait three to six weeks before resuming driving. Keep in mind that for safety, you must be off all pain medication to begin driving. 

Physical Activities 

After your surgery and physical therapy are complete, you can return to activities like swimming, cycling, golfing, and hiking. But, on the other hand, high-impact activities (i.e., running, soccer, basketball) are discouraged after hip replacement. This is because participating in high-impact activities results in a higher incidence of hip joint dislocation and wears the joint quicker.

After hip replacement surgery, everything will be different for a few weeks as you heal, but you will return to normal with perseverance and patience. 

Orthopedic Surgeon

Are you having hip replacement surgery? Knowing what to expect after this outpatient surgery is the first step in your healthy recovery because it reduces stress. To achieve a successful result, Dr. Dan Albright will spend as much time as necessary to ensure you understand the procedure and the follow-up care. For more information, call 919-863-6808 and schedule an appointment.

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