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How Long Does It Take to Walk After a Hip Replacement Surgery?

How Long Does It Take to Walk After a Hip Replacement Surgery?
When faced with total hip replacement surgery, most patients' number one concern is how long will they be laid up?  Being up and mobile is important for people to feel independent.  In this video, Dr. Dan Albright, discusses how long it takes a patient to be up and walking after total hip replacement surgery.
Summary of video:
The answer depends, in part on who you are. Typically patients are up and walking within a couple of hours after hip replacement operation. 
If the patient has extra weight and has not been physically active, it'll take longer to get up and walk.  A patient who goes to the pool, and keeps their weight down are guaranteed - to get up quicker.  They'll be up and walking farther sooner. 
Most patients are home the same day as a hip replacement procedure or by the next day.  Some people stay in the hospital a little longer.
Once up, each day the patient will be walking more.  Patients don't leave the hospital until they can walk down the hall and do some stairs. 
In the first month, expect to be slow.  A total hip replacement is a major surgery.  With walking and other physical therapy done daily, a patient can expect to be back in their usual routine in about six weeks.
If you have more questions about recovering from total hip replacement surgery, contact Dr. Dan Albright at 919-863-6808.
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