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6 Stretches to Improve Flexibility

6 Stretches to Improve Flexibility

Dr Dan Albright orthopedic doctor in RaleighOnly a qualified orthopedic doctor can provide the expertise to determine if you need a non-invasive treatment plan for chronic joint pain or if surgery may be the best option. If your joint pain hasn’t reached the point of interfering in your life, here are six stretches to improve your flexibility and relieve the pain.

Tips from an Orthopedic Doctor in Raleigh, NC: Stretches to Increase Flexibility

Stretching Exercises

Hold each of these positions for up to 30 seconds, and repeat five to no more than ten times each session.

Frog Stretch. Begin by facing the floor on all fours. Position your knees wider than your hips. Put the soles of your feet together, resting the inside of your ankles against the floor. Shift weight to your hips while lowering your chest forward to the floor. Slowly slide your knees further apart. Move the weight from your hands to your forearms. Hold. Stretch will be felt on the inside of the hip joint in the groin area.

Upper Hamstring Stretch. Begin in a standing position. Lift your left foot and place it over to your right knee with your left knee pointing to the left. Allow the weight to shift to the hips while bending your right knee. Hold. The stretch will be felt in the upper left leg near the hip joint. Reverse for the right leg.

Hip Rotator. Start from a seated position with both legs straight out in front. Take the right leg and cross it over the left one. Bend your knee and put your foot flatly on the floor. Slowly turn your body to the right while placing your right hand behind you and your left elbow to the right knee. Go slow and stop if you feel pain. Hold. 

Shoulder Squeeze. Sit down on the ground with your legs straight out in front. Move your hands behind your back and clasp them together. Straighten your arms as you squeeze your shoulder blades. Hold this position for five seconds, then release.

Side Stretch. Start with a kneeling position. Straighten your left leg out and move it to your side. Lift your right arm straight up as you bend your body. Next, move your right arm over your head towards your left leg while holding your hips facing forward. Hold this position for 30 seconds, then reverse on the other side. 

Standing Hamstring Stretch. Begin in a standing position with both arms at your side. Slowly bend forward at your waist, allowing your arms to drop. Slowly reach toward the floor. Exhale as you move forward but don't worry if you don't touch the floor.

Orthopedic Surgeon

Start all exercises slowly, and remember to stop if you feel unreasonable pain. If you continue to have joint pain, schedule a consultation with Dr. Dan Albright, an orthopedic doctor in Raleigh, NC. After a thorough examination, he will develop a treatment plan to get you back to full mobility and enjoying your life. Call 919-863-6808 today and schedule an appointment. 

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