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Following a rather circuitous path to a correct diagnosis, I was fully prepared to have both hips replaced by the first orthopaedic surgeon that I was referred to. A bit of intervening serendipity, however, had me stumble on an online YouTube video entitled, "The Latest Procedure: Anterior Approach Total Hip Replacement Surgery" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5NqJa_J2dfw) produced by Arizona PBS. After watching that video -- and now realizing that the first surgeon was planning on doing the more common POSTERIOR approach -- I went back to my primary care physician and got two names of orthopaedic surgeons doing the ANTERIOR approach. When I read the testimonials on Dr. Dan Albright's web page, I immediately set up an appointment with him to get a second opinion. I met Dr. Albright in mid-June, 2016 and within the first two minutes of our conversation, I was absolutely convinced that I had found the right surgical approach and the right surgeon. He exuded both competence and confidence -- exactly what I was looking for. He made a clear, compelling, and convincing case for himself and his technique. His specific past training, his past association with earlier practitioners of the anterior approach, and his extensive number of THR surgical repetitions while at ROC, then made the decision about whom to partner with in this rather significant health-related endeavor a very easy one. In September 2016, I had my right hip replaced; in November, 2016, I had the left hip done. In both cases, I did one overnight at Wake Med and then, after about a week of resting at home, I did twice-a-week physical therapy at the related ROC facilities in Cary for four weeks. In both cases -- and this was so very important to me, personally -- I was able to do all the normal, day-to-day living tasks, like showering, taking restroom breaks, and navigating in and out of bed, UNASSISTED (except by a walker) starting immediately the first full day at home. I had such a good overall experience with the first surgery in terms of recovery, that I honestly felt like I could have done the second surgery two or three weeks later, still in September. (The second surgery actually was performed eight weeks later in November because of schedule competition brought about from the predictably higher demand for treatment in the 4th quarter of the health insurance year.) In sum, I can now offer a first-hand and unequivocally positive endorsement of both the anterior approach to total hip replacement, as well as an overwhelmingly positive endorsement of Dr. Dan Albright, a gifted and masterful "carpenter" of sorts. In the case of the former: if you don't cut major muscles and you go between them, and if you are not having to frequently lie on or sit on the wound (incision), then you improve your odds for a quicker recovery. In the case of the latter: if I have any future need for orthopaedic surgery -- or if anyone I know has a similar need -- I absolutely KNOW who I will be contacting and/or recommending. Finally, I would be remiss in mentioning that my successful outcomes with both surgeries would not possible without either Dr. Albright's (and Raleigh Orthopaedic Clinic's) dedicated and professional staff or Wake Med's (main campus) equally talented and empathetic caregivers. It was a complete TEAM effort and I am MOST FORTUNATE for all the excellent care I received. ~ L.O.

"One step in front of the other... I am so blessed with the new hip to be able to take the steps to accumulate 990 miles. Before surgery, I could not walk across a room without pain so severe it took my breath away and brought tears to my eyes. I thank the Lord for blessing the surgeon hands of Dr. Daniel Albright from Raleigh Ortho." ~ Ellen S.

"Dr. Albright fused 4 vertebrae in my neck (C-3 - 7) on Christmas Eve 2015. The surgery immediately reduced the severe pain and within a few days I was totally pain free. I wore a neck brace for 6 weeks and subsequently had about 4 weeks of physical therapy. After that, I was back on the golf course and now playing 3 times a week. I highly recommend Dr. Albright for his competency and his professionalism." ~ David M.

"I am a 77 year old female who had total knee replacement in February of 2016.I put off surgery for 5 years until cortisone shots no longer worked and walking, traveling in a car and sleeping became very uncomfortable. When I decided to have surgery Dr. Albright explained the procedure to me. The day after surgery I was walking with a walker. The second day I was learning to maneuver stairs. I went home the next day and then had 4 to 5 in home therapy sessions. After that about the same number of out patient therapy sessions. Therapy was uncomfortable at times but I wanted to be able to do all the things I enjoyed doing, walking, swimming and even exercising at the gym. I am happy to say the outcome was better than I expected. I am able to do all the above and have no problem sleeping. I can even kneel which surprises a lot of my friends. Dr. Albright was always pleasant and courteous. He did a great job and I am very pleased with the results. Thank you Dr. Albright."  - Carole B.

"If your looking for one of the best surgeons you don’t have to go any further than Dr Dan Albright . On 2/3/16 Dr Dan replaced my Left hip he did my right hip in May 2015 I had the anterior approach I healed fast and great 8 weeks back to tread mill work etc perfect no issues at all. Second time around I pushed hey if the first one was easy this will be a walk in the park,well I took less precautions and dislocated it not once but twice no fault of Dr Albright. The second time was 3/4/2016 I had just finished 3-1/2 miles on tread mill and other leg exercise at the gym. Again being careless I dislocated it at 8 p.m. I was taken to Rex hospital where Raleigh Orthopedic attending docs are after hours. I was met by Dr Lyman Smith one of Dr Albright’s partners, well after being evaluated Dr Smith contacted Dr Albright and informed him of what happened,see the key here was Dr Albright was in Florida at Orthopedic convention after he reviewed my info he felt I needed an adjustment. Dr Albright could of had one of his well qualified people do it,but on sat morning I received a call it was Dr Albright calling me from Florida to tell he was flying home to do the adjustment himself and not on Monday ,but at 7:30 Sunday morning. Well at 6 am he walked in to my room to check on me and to reassure me everything was going to be fine he had his team and his PA there. Slightly larger component later and 3 weeks later and I’m back to normal back to work gym yard work etc. This man is one the nicest thoughtful doctors you will ever encounter if you are in need of someone who is going to tell you the truth take his time and produce a successful outcome he is your Doctor Thank you Dr Albright . The attached video is me walking 90 minutes after surgery." – Rich M.

"Hey Dr. Albright, This is Traci B. and you performed my back surgery for an extremely herniated disc. I just wanted to say thank you again, and I hope you are doing well." - Traci B.

'I am able to walk again. No more pain in right leg. Surgery was successful. I had a surgery on April 30, 2015 in my right knee (meniscus tear). Thank you isn’t enough for the outstanding care and kindness shown to me and my family during my recent knee surgery performed by my surgeon Dr. Daniel J. Albright. He explains exactly what is wrong, what he is going to do to fix. The care and attention I received was far beyond my expectation. Never have I seen such a remarkable group of individuals and team members. I could tell they enjoy what they do and I can’t thank or praise you all enough. I would return to the facility for any and all future medical care and refer you to everyone. Again Dr. Albright and every member of your team … thank you. Outstanding job. I am impressed and grateful.' – Basil A.

'Dr. Albright, I hope you don’t mind, but I shared your YouTube video on “Nutrition” on Facebook. This is what I wrote: One year ago today I first saw Dr. Dan Albright, an orthopedic doctor, for what I found out later was a torn meniscus. What I wasn’t prepared for was, after he reviewed my x-rays, he told me that I would eventually need total knee replacement surgery. I told him that I knew a lot of my problems were because of my weight, but each time I tried to exercise, I ended up limping in pain because of my knees. The video below is basically what he said to me… Because of that, I am now, an avid Wheat Belly-er and I am nearly 90 pounds less than I weighed in one year ago today. Thank you, Daniel J. Albright, MD, you planted that “seed” and changed my life forever!' – Pat S.

“Don’t know where to start….Dr. Albright is an awesome surgeon and his bed side manner is awesome..he talked to me and my family, he explained everything so that I could understand him and my hip pain is gone just as he said it would be!” J. G. E.

“[The surgery] relieved the severe pain I was having and improved my mobility. He is easy to talk to. His office staff is very helpful” N. C.

“[The surgery] stopped the pain plus I was able to move better after. Dr. Albright is easy to talk to and work with. He explains in detail about the procedure or surgery.” M.W.

“The recovery is not at all what I expected. It is much better. The pain after surgery was not as severe as I expected it to be.” K. J.

“Dr. Daniel Albright, MD, surgeon of Raleigh Orthopaedic listens. He looks at me when I talk instead of his watch. He smiles when he talks. He likes my sense of humor. He did the best stitch work I’ve ever seen on my knee replacement. Even his immediate support staff share his attitude of doing the most possible in the best way for each of us, his patients.” R. N.

“[The surgery] relieved the constant pain and gave me flexibility to bend up and down. Dr. Albright is very thorough, and has a very pleasant bedside manner. I feel he explains everything and never gives unrealistic expectations-and he is very proud of what he does and that gives me confidence.” S. M.

“Dr. Albright is a great surgeon. He explains things on a level in which and ordinary person can understand. He also gives the patient all the information so he patient can decide what is best. My nerve pain is gone.” T. R.

“I had a microdiscectomy. Prior to surgery, I had severe pain and weakness in my back, hip, left thigh, knee, and shin. After surgery, most of my pain was gone. Dr. Albright is a very intelligent and thorough physician. He is very fast-paced but takes time to answer questions and talk through procedures. His staff, including his PA-C, Colleen Sullivan is very knowledgeable, friendly, and compassionate.” K. F.

“I don’t have any more pain and walk a lot better. He is to me the best there is.” J. W.

“I did not have any pain after surgery. He is a great doctor and I’d recommend Dr. Albright to anybody!” M. A.

“I had not only an issue with my hip, but since my surgery some lower back pain has also improved. Hopefully as the hip improves, I will have less back pain. Have had a very great experience with Dr. Albright, but the staff has been excellent to work with also.” R. G.

“I was born with a dislocated hip and it was repaired using 1940′s technology. I had not trouble with it except for wearing a shoe lift at various times to compensate for one leg being shorter than the other. However, when I was in my 60′s, the hip became arthritic, making it difficult to walk with out pain. Due to the way it was repaired in 1940, the hip structure was not normal so the total hip replacement that was required presented a challenge to Dr. Albright. The procedure he used not only rid me of the pain, but it equalized the length of my legs, eliminating a life-long limp. He is very attentive to after surgery care. I was hospitalized for over a week and he checked on my progress every day with a personal visit.” E. F.

“Pain relief was immediate following surgery. Strength in leg is almost 100% after 2 months.” L. C.

“I was in constant pain everyday and since surgery the pain has gone away and I have gained strength in my leg again. The surgery had minimal time down and he explained ahead of time what to expect.” T. N.

“Severely injured lower left leg-bone protruding thru skin as well as dislocated ankle, ankle was reset and surgery performed to repair broken bone-plate placed in leg to assist. Dr. Albright responded promptly to my needs in emergency room – resetting ankle and scheduling surgery same day, follow-up care was excellent – as a persistent infection also needed to be treated.” M. M.

“My left elbow was severely broken, without surgery, I would lose the use of my left arm. Dr. Albright answered all of my questions (some were very direct regarding surgery, recovery, and rehabilitation. He was thoughtful in guiding the physical therapy process to maximize the results.” R. M.

“I was in terrible pain the 1st time I saw Dr. Albright & now 6 months later, I am feeling great. Dr. Albright and his assistants were very responsive to my needs and concerns. They found time to see and talk with me at unscheduled times when I needed them.” J. L.

“I can walk a lot better. I have been seeing Albright for about 10 years, he has made a great difference in my life 🙂 ” K. S.

“I don’t have the pain in my hip when I walk and feel great knowing that I’m done with it. My surgeries were approximately 8 years apart but with the left hip which was done recently (the healing after surgery was a piece of cake compared to the right hip) Thanks to Dr. Albright for his good work.” E. S.

“I can walk – and the pain is much improved. This is my second surgery, the first was in the spring of 2001 and I would trust Dr. Albright to operate on me again.” J. B.

“Pain was gone immediately after surgery. Dr. Albright was and is very informative when discussing procedures and explaining after care.” T. Y.

Before my knee replacement the pain while standing or walking was almost unbearable. I woke up at night with pain. It became so severe I had to use a cane. Now I have no pain-no cane! I can now do things I hadn’t done in years. My questions were answered by Dr. Albright and his team in a personal pleasant way. I was never made to feel they were in a hurry or my questions too trivial. I was made to feel I was their only patient. If anyone I know needs knee or hip surgery I highly recommend Dr. Albright.” G. M.

“When I woke from surgery my pain of 3 months was gone. I was no longer limping. I took only one pain pill after surgery. I couldn’t be happier that I had this done.” S. M.

“I have made a remarkable recovery. I am walking well and doing all types of exercises on my own. I have been very pleased with this whole experience and will return to Dr. A if I need this type of operation ever again.” V. J.

“I would recommend Dr. Albright and his team in a heartbeat. He has done an excellent job of fixing my leg. Can’t say that it was broken just a few months back. ” S. J.

“Dr. Albright was wonderful, he knew early on the surgery would help, but workers comp kept us going through more and more tests before they would ok it. When they finally did, the surgery was a great success. My recovery has gone wonderfully too. He is a great surgeon, I would recommend him to anyone.” D. M.

“I am able to walk again. No more pain in right leg. Surgery was successful. Thanks. I met Dr. Albright in November of 2009. I was in so much pain. He looked at my x-rays and found my problem. I thank Dr. Albright for helping me. I can say that I’m so much better now.” S. T.

“I can walk without pain and sleep without pain. It’s a great feeling. very friendly – very knowledgeable always had time for me if there was a problem or just needed some questions answered.” L. H.

“I was in severe pain before the surgery. I could barely walk and at times could not even get up. After the surgery the pain is going. I can play with my grandchildren again. Dr. Albright is in my opinion a great surgeon. He explains exactly what is wrong, what he is going to do to fix it fix it, then goes the extra set to explain what he did afterwards. Showing the x-rays the whole way so the patient can also see what is happening.” T. R.

“Two successful hip surgeries performed by Dr. Albright have left me with much less pain and discomfort. I can actually walk in a straight line without limping or wondering if my hip is going to give out or lock up. Both of my surgeries were the anterior approach. I was up and walking as soon as some feeling returned to my legs. He’s very clear about the condition needing correction, what would be done in the procedure and what to expect in short and long-term recovery. I’m totally pleased with the treatment he provided. AND don’t forget AJ, his PA; he’s great. excellent team, folks!!!” R. C.