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Why Do I Have Hip Pain?

Why Do I Have Hip Pain?
Dr Dan Albright hip painThe hip joint is a ball-and-socket joint. It supports the mobility of the legs for walking, running, and other movements such as sitting down, and that means that it's always moving. Here are common causes of hip pain:

Causes Of Hip Pain

Hip Fractures - Although the hip bone is one of the most robust bones in the body, it can become weaker with age.   Over 90% of all hip fractures occur in people over the age of 65.   Most hip fractures are due to falls.  Older adults experience increased incidents of fall for several reasons:

  • Weak muscles in the legs

  • Poor balance causing difficulty walking and leads to an increased risk of falls

  • Sudden drops in blood pressure changing positions from sitting or lying down

  • Dizziness from postural hypertension or medications

  • Poor vision—reduced vision increases tripping incidents

  • Slower reflexes causes difficulty regaining balance


Arthritis - The different types of arthritis that are common causes of hip pain are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Is common in older adults and leads to inflammation of the hip joint and the cartilage that supports your hip bone.

Bursitis - The Bursae found between the tissues are sacs that are filled with lubricating liquid, and are used to support muscles and tendons. The inflammation of the bursae can cause pain in the hip joint from overwork and stress.

Avascular Necrosis -  Or osteonecrosis is a condition that causes bone tissue death due to, slowing blood flow to the hips and more commonly found in the hips. Causes can be from a dislocation or hip fracture.

Tendonitis -  Is inflammation which can be caused by a tear in the tendon or irritation of its rubber band like structure and is caused by repetitive stress. A tendon is a thick band that attaches bones to muscles.

Muscle or Tendon Strain - Injury to muscles, tendons, and ligaments caused by repeated over activity and can lead to chronic tendonitis.

Cancers - Tumors that are found in the bone can cause pain that is related to tendonitis. Also, a tumor can cause stiffness in the joint.

Hip Labral Tear -  A rip of the cartilage that lines the rim of the hip socket (acetabulum).  The labrum is located at the top of the thigh bone.  It seals and cushions the hip joint. This injury can be caused by repetitive twisting of the hip and also osteoarthritis in which worn down cartilage can lead to bone on bone contact.

For more information on the causes of hip pain, contact Dr. Dan Albright at 919-863-6808.

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