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How Long Does a Knee Replacement Last?

How Long Does a Knee Replacement Last?

Do knee replacement prostheses ever need to be replaced?  The answer is yes, but they should last for decades.  Dr. Dan Albright discusses the signs and symptoms that appear when it is time to for the prosthesis to be revised and how to make the one you have last longer. 

Summary of the video:

How long does a knee replacement last? A total knee replacement is expected to last 20 years or longer.  If you run or jump or pound on the knee a lot, like run road races, the knee replacement will wear out quicker.

A knee replacement is becoming faulty when it hurts, if it is swelling, or if regular low-impact to moderate activities become hard.

A knee prosthesis needs to be revised or redone when x-rays start showing that the plastic on the tibia is wearing away.  When the metal femur starts wearing on the metal tibial plate - that's bad so that would need to be redone.

A patient should follow up with their orthopedic surgeon over the years - x-ray the knees, check mobility and look for signs that the knee replacement is starting to fail.

Again the goal is 20 years or more after the knee replacement surgery. The best knee replacement the first one and each one after that is a little tougher.  So you want to treat these replacements with respect and not be pounding on them.

For more information on knee replacement contact Dr. Dan Albright at 919-863-6808.

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