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Which Method of Hip Replacement is Best?

Which Method of Hip Replacement is Best?
There are three approaches used in total hip replacement surgeries:  anterior, lateral and posterior.  In this video, Dr. Dan Albright discusses which approach he thinks is best and the reasons why.

Summary of video:

Which method of hip replacement is best? The best hip replacement operation out there, is through the anterior approach.

Anterior - meaning from the front of your hip.  Most of the country traditionally goes from the posterior approach.  The posterior approach works, but post-operative dislocations are higher than the anterior approach.

The anterior approach is an easier surgery to recover from.  There is less muscle damage so less healing time is required. Patients are home within a day, sometimes the same day or the next, from an anterior hip operation.

Anatomy matters when doing a hip replacement, and the newer trend that I started learning in 1987 actually, is the anterior approach.  I also do the lateral approach for tougher hip surgeries but there is a little more damage to muscles. 

I used to do the posterior approach, I've chosen not to do that approach any longer because of the advantages of the anterior approach.  I really enjoy just splitting muscles and not cutting tendons then patients have no restrictions afterward and go home quickly.

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