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What are The First Signs of Needing a Hip Replacement?

What are The First Signs of Needing a Hip Replacement?

Every year, thousands of hip replacements are done around the world. A painful hip can change a person's lifestyle and stop them from participating in activities they love. This surgery is life-changing and can be done on most patient's regardless of age. It helps eradicate hip joint pain and restore mobility. However, it is most commonly associated with senior citizens who are affected by worn out hip joints. What are the first signs that you need a hip replacement?

Pain in the Hip or Groin

Experiencing soreness in the hip joint that is severe enough to inhibit carrying out routine daily tasks may indicate hip arthritis. The pain is felt between the hip and knee. (Any feeling near the ankle could be a sign of back problems.) Some people use a walking stick or cane to reduce the impact placed on the painful hip when walking. Others opt to take painkillers to alleviate the pain, but this relief is temporary.

Stiff Hip Joint

When putting on shoes and socks becomes a hard task due to a stiff hip, you need to consult a physician. In most cases, this limited range of motion affects one hip. The problem may be lack of cartilage, and the socket bones are grinding against each other instead of moving smoothly.

Walking Becomes Difficult

When excruciating pain in the groin or hip does not allow walking any distance that was previously comfortable, a hip replacement may be needed. Consult a physician to help determine the exact source of the pain.

Single Leg Test

Try standing on the leg that has the problem hip. A healthy hip can support the body using one leg for at least one minute. If controlling balance is an issue, use a tabletop or chair for stability. Failing this test may indicate a damaged hip.

These signs should not be ignored, seek medical attention. A physician will recommend the best treatment. Non-surgical treatments are tried initially, and if those do not relieve the pain, hip replacement surgery is recommended.

To discuss the option of hip replacement surgery, contact Dr. Dan Albright at 919-863-6808.

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