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Signs That You May Need A Hip Replacement

Signs That You May Need A Hip Replacement
Signs That You May Need A Hip Replacement

The human body is incredibly durable, yet also rather delicate. The many bones, ligaments, and joints which permit humans to move about all have their breaking points. Though all of those will heal given time if injured, to some degree, sometimes a human body part takes so much damage or suffers so much wear over the years that it can't function like it used to. When a body part sustains such damage, replacement might be the only option.

Joint Replacement

Some of the most common surgical joint replacements these days are for knees and hips. Thanks to modern science, joints can be reliably replaced to allow a higher standard of living than before the replacement surgery. Those contemplating hip surgery may be well advised to look at their lives and see if the discomfort of living with a painful hip could be solved with a hip replacement.

Hip Replacement Needed?

One of the most common signs for hip replacement is hip pain. Not just mild discomfort, but severe pain while walking or exercising might mean the hip is worn out. Pain at night is another potential sign, and one not easily excused by claims of over-exercising.

Stiffness is often a sign of a worn joint or limb. If a hip feels stiff, to the point that it's challenging to put on shoes or socks, the bone may be worn beyond everyday use. If pain relievers like aspirin don't help with the pain, then that too could be a sign for the need of a new hip. 

An excellent way to test if a hip is damaged is the one-legged test. If standing solely on the injured leg for a short time, it becomes impossible to do so; there might be something wrong with the hip. 

Hip Replacement Surgery

No one likes thinking about needing major surgery. The road to recovery from hip replacement can be an arduous one, but in the long term, the increased quality of life from a successful replacement surgery is worth the time and effort. Hip pain can be constant, and the stiffness and pain can prevent everyday activities. It's not just a matter of enjoying exercise and walking, but the daily quality of life. Those concerned that they need hip replacement surgery should consult an orthopedic surgeon and see if there is hope through surgery. It might be a long process, but the results will be worth it once the hip functions like new.

Contact Dr. Dan Albright

If you have hip pain and are contemplating hip replacement surgery, contact Dr. Dan Albright for a consultation.  Call 919-863-6808 for an appointment today.

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