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If You Have Hip Pain Reduce Inflammation

If You Have Hip Pain Reduce Inflammation
Many situations can cause hip pain. The most common cause is inflammation. Often the pain can be alleviated by reducing the inflammation. In this video, Dr. Dan Albright, an orthopedic surgeon in Raleigh, NC, discusses ways to reduce inflammation throughout the body.
If you have hip pain and or scattered pains moving around your neck, back, knees, or you're just feeling achy, what can you do to feel better? Orthopedic surgeons get this question a lot. Most people suffer from occasional aches and pains, but we're discussing chronic pain.

Reducing Inflammation Should Help Bring Down Pain

The first solution is to eat the right food.  Americans eat a lot of sugar, wheat, and bread - foods that cause inflammation.  Taking steps to reduce foods that contain these ingredients is a significant step towards reducing pain. 
Patients who eliminate grains and wheat and go gluten-free for a month or two feel better than they have felt in years. There is a lot of science supporting that in terms of a holistic approach to health - eating right.  Starting to Eat right means being gluten-free at least for a month or two, low-sugar intake, whole natural foods (fruits and vegetables), healthy fats, and healthy proteins. It's incredible how many people feel better by just doing that.

Get Active, it Makes a Huge Difference

Then three times a week - exercise. Sweat a little bit. Bike a little bit. Zumba. Anything. Anything that gets you moving will make you feel better.
Orthopedic surgeons see a lot of non-surgical problems. Aches and pains, tendonitis, bursitis, and nine times out of ten, the patient can feel a lot better eating a low-inflammatory diet, which means no wheat, minimal sugar, and healthy whole foods.  Add proper exercise three times a week.
If you have more questions about the musculoskeletal system or the causes of hip pain, contact Dr. Dan Albright at 919-863-6808.
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