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How Young is Too Young for Total Knee Replacement?

How Young is Too Young for Total Knee Replacement?
Is there a minimum age for total knee replacement surgery.  In this video, Dr. Dan Albright talks about in which circumstances young patients would be considered for a total knee replacement.

Summary of video:

How young is too young for a knee replacement surgery, total knee replacement?

The quick answer is, there is no set minimum age for doing a knee replacement on a person. Traditionally doctors recommend knee replacements for a person 70-years-old or older.  Recently, it has become more common to do knee replacements on 60, 50, and even 30-year-olds.  The circumstances of the patient determine the decision. If someone is crippled by knee arthritis pain and can't move, a new knee is required.

Artificial knees typically last 20 years, sometimes longer.  Young people can wear out knee replacements quicker because of their age. They tend to be more active.  Young people are not as sedentary as a 70-year-old or 80-year-old with a knee replacement.

Doctors prefer to wait on knee replacements as long as possible, so the surgery only has to be done once.  The first knee replacement will be the strongest.  Results are slightly reduced for each subsequent operation. Of course, if a younger person is crippled by arthritic knee pain, that needs to be fixed.

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