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How to Choose a Hip Replacement Surgeon

How to Choose a Hip Replacement Surgeon

If you are suffering from a degenerative hip condition, you may decide to get elective hip replacement surgery at some point. A crucial decision to be made during this time involves selecting your hip replacement surgeon. Having a well-experienced surgeon increases the likelihood of a successful surgery.

In a study looking at twenty thousand hip replacement recipients, it was found that 0.7% of patients who have a surgeon who has done more than fifty hip replacements in a year will require a second surgery. That figure is half the number of patients who use a surgeon who performs less than twenty-five hip replacements a year. It is, therefore, beneficial to use a thorough process when choosing the right doctor.  Here’s a few tips to follow:

Your Family Doctor - Ask your family doctor to refer you to a surgeon. The surgeon should be competent and respected in their field.

Experience - You should find out how long the surgeon has been practicing. Specifically, you should be interested to know how many hip replacement surgeries the surgeon does per year and what technique or approach is used.

Education - Find out what training and fellowship your surgeon has had. This information should give you an idea of what training has been done and the areas of specialty.  Check for board certification.

Close Relatives and Friends - Joint replacement surgeries have become common. You are likely to have a relative or friend who could refer you to their orthopedic surgeon.

Confirm Credentials - You should always verify your doctor's credentials through the appropriate professional bodies.

Get a Second Opinion - Before making the final decision, consult a second doctor in a different practice for their opinion on the procedure proposed and ask what they think about your surgeon of choice.

Write Down Questions to Ask - List down the concerns that you have and make sure you communicate them to your doctor. The surgeon should be patient enough to listen to your concerns and answer them truthfully.

It is crucial that you choose a surgeon who is competent, respectable and communicates effectively. These attributes will ensure that your elective surgery goes smoothly and you will have an easier time recovering.

For more information on hip replacement surgery, contact Dr. Dan Albright at 919-863-6808.

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