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How Old is Too Old for a Total Knee Replacement?

How Old is Too Old for a Total Knee Replacement?

Is there an age where orthopedic surgeons will not do a knee replacement surgeryDr. Dan Albright of the Raleigh Orthopedic Clinic discusses how old is too old for knee replacement surgery.  There is no age limit but we would consult with your other physicians on your overall health.

Summary of Video:
How old is too old for a total knee replacement, joint replacement?

And the quick answer is, there is no set age limit saying you cannot have a knee replacement.  If you're 95 years old , active in good health a knee replacement is very reasonable.  If you can barely move and have serious medical problems it is probably best to avoid a major operation like a knee replacement. Age is not that important - physiology and health are the most important things to consider when deciding whether to have a knee replacement.

The decision is sometimes made together with your Internist or Cardiologist who will help the surgeon figure out if you're strong enough to go through surgery.  But orthopedists are about keeping people moving.  If your knee is keeping you from moving that's an unhealthy lifestyle, so replacing the knee gets you moving and age is a secondary consideration. 

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