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How Do I Know If I Need Hip Replacement Surgery?

How Do I Know If I Need Hip Replacement Surgery?

Dr Dan Albright hip replacement surgeryAs people grow older, they often suffer from more general aches and pains than in their youth.  They can’t seem to overcome these pains, no matter how hard they try. One of the most common problems experienced is pain and discomfort in the hips. Sometimes a painful hip is caused by sleeping in an irregular position at night, or perhaps an injury while exercising. In more severe circumstances of chronic pain, however, hip replacement surgery may be necessary. But how does one know if you need hip replacement surgery? Take a look at the following list, for the four signs that you may require hip replacement surgery.

Painful Hips – This is perhaps the most visible sign that hip replacement is needed. Everyone occasionally wakes up with tender hips now and then, but if the pain you're experiencing pain won’t subside, your hip/hips could need replacing.

Stiffness in Lower Body – Another tell-tale sign is if you find yourself experiencing stiffness in your lower body.  A hip replacement may be necessary if you find it difficult to sit down and stand up, tie your shoelaces or put on your socks. A good way to diagnose whether or not it is your hip that is causing the trouble is to take note of whether it is your left or right leg/foot that is causing the most pain. If you find it harder to put socks on your left foot, it could be your left hip that needs replacing and vice versa.

Difficulty Walking – If you experience any pain or discomfort when walking, again, this could be due to your hips. Obviously, it all depends on your circumstances and your fitness level, but if you find yourself struggling to cover distances which you ordinarily would have had no problems, it could be the hip.

Stand on One Leg Test – Finally, if you are concerned about your hips, try the one-legged test. Try standing on one leg for at least a minute, and if you can’t do so, even when supporting yourself, it’s time to consider hip replacement..

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