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Early Signs Of Arthritis In The Hip

Early Signs Of Arthritis In The Hip

Dr Dan Albright hip painHip pain causes problems in daily activities as you get older. Arthritis is the most common cause of pain and discomfort in the hip. The three most common types of arthritis are osteoarthritis, inflammatory arthritis, and psoriatic arthritis. There are specific indicators to help identify if arthritis is the cause of hip pain. Here are early signs of arthritis in the hip.

Hip Discomfort in Daily Routines

Often, hip arthritis becomes noticeable during day-to-day routines. Activities as simple as washing dishes can become tedious. This standing task requires movement of the hips. Washing dishes requires mobility in the waist, arms, and torso. These movements cause frequent rotation in the hip joints. Typically, this task is not painful, so if it is, there needs to be a further investigation.

Another sign of arthritis in the hip is experiencing pain in different regions of the body. Pain may occur in the groin, knee, thigh, or buttocks. These areas on the body are associated with hip movement. 

Pain in the Hips During Specific Times

If the pain is more noticeable in the morning when you first wake up, it may be arthritis. A lapse in time without movement enhances hip problems. As a result, it is also common to experience pain after long periods of sitting down. Bursts of activity are additional situations where arthritis in the hip is evident. Joints may flare up from any prolonged activity. 

Pain and flare-ups may result in trouble walking and cause lockups in the hips and legs. It may cause issues with getting out of the car, leaning over, and other daily activities. Experiencing pain from regular routines and body movements may be a sign of arthritis in the hip. 

Here is one more indicator that you may be experiencing trouble in the hips. Do your hip and joint pain increase when it rains? Weather is a common factor for enhanced joint pain. 

Be Proactive

Hip pain worsens typically over time. Identifying early signs of arthritis in the hip will help you to respond proactively. Treatments for arthritis in the bone have varying interventions and levels of severity. Act now to prevent the pain and symptoms from becoming worse. 

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