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Does Hip and Knee Pain Affect Your Heart?

Does Hip and Knee Pain Affect Your Heart?

You are probably too aware of how hip and knee pain affects your mobility, especially if you want to exercise. The bad news is that having hip and knee pain or inflammatory conditions like arthritis puts you at a greater risk of developing some heart conditions. These conditions include heart attack, cardiac arrest, atrial fibrillation, heart failure, and stroke. People experiencing hip and knee pain due to rheumatoid arthritis (RA) are at higher risk of premature death.

Older adults often accept achy joints and muscles, but when it gets to the point of giving up exercise, then you should know your life is at risk.  If you have moderate or severe hip or knee pain, you may be considering a total joint surgery. If you decide on getting the surgery, there are many benefits in addition to pain relief. Did you know having joint replacement surgery leads to a healthier heart?  Here's how:

  • The pain relief from the replacement surgery reduces stress and depression levels. These two are common factors that contribute to heart disease.
  • Having joint replacement reduces the need of taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs which are associated with heart conditions.
  • After joint replacement the ability to participate in physical activities increases.  Exercising is proven to reduce the risk of heart attacks and improves overall health.

Knee and hip replacement surgery are efficient and safe for relieving joint pain and restoring mobility. Studies have also found that this surgery reduces heart conditions for patients suffering from osteoarthritis. Whether you choose to have joint replacement surgery for your hip/knee joint pain or arthritis, it’s important to stay mobile and as active as you can.

The physical activities you engage in should be moderated by your age, sex, the amount of pain in your knees and hips.  Regular physical activity not only eases the pain of arthritis, but it also slows joint degeneration, improves mood, supports good sleep better,  assists weight loss, and increases energy.  All of these lead to low heart disease risk. You need to exercise for a healthy heart, so fix your knee and hip pains and get a healthy heart.

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