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Do I Need To Worry About Recalls For My Hip Replacement Implant?

Do I Need To Worry About Recalls For My Hip Replacement Implant?

During hip replacement surgery, a damaged hip is removed, and an artificial implant is inserted. So what happens if the implant has a problem and the device is recalled? Do you have to have surgery to have it removed? In this video, Dr. Dan Albright of Raleigh Orthopedics addresses this question about hip replacement implants.

Summary of video:

Do I need to worry about recalls for my hip replacement implant? The first answer is no and then maybe meaning if you have a hip replacement using tried and true technology that has been out for years supported by good research, you don't need to worry.

The time to be careful is when the product is new and advertised as the latest and greatest. There is a lot of hype out there. Sometimes the latest and greatest ends up being worse than what was used already.

Recalls have happened with hip replacements. The basis for the recall is usually due to poor engineering, poor design, or poor quality of the materials. Several years ago, metal-on-metal hips were the latest and greatest, and then they were recalled because the metal-on-metal contact resulted in metallic molecules escaping into the body and causing health issues.

If you have a hip replacement in place that's been recalled, yours may be fine. Most doctors will not recommend removal surgery if you feel great. It is a reality that sometimes hip replacements go in and later are found to be defective. This situation is very rare but can happen. Make sure you know what's going in you. The device ought to be from a mainstream American-based multinational company and has extensive research - decades of research. You don't want to get too experimental with what's going in your body.

For more information on hip replacement implants, contact Dr. Dan Albright at 919-863-6808.

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