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  • Orthopedics and Nutrition

    Being overweight can cause a number of health issues including damage to joints. Our joints are just not designed to carry large amounts of excess weight. In this video, Dr. Dan Albright,, an orthopedic surgeon from Raleigh, NC, discusses the

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  • An Anterior-based Muscle-sparing Approach to THA

    A 66-year-old female who has acetabular protrusio and end-stage osteoarthritis of the right hip undergoes total hip arthroplasty through the ABMSparing approach. According to the authors, this approach avoids the complications of wound healing that can occur with an approach

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  • Precautions After Knee Surgery

    Dr. Dan Albright, Orthopedic Surgeon from Raleigh, North Carolina, discusses the precautions a patient must take after knee replacement surgery. Precautions are different for partial replacement and full replacement. Watch the video to find out the restrictions. For a consultation

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  • Common Hip Problems leading to Hip Replacement Surgery

    Hip replacement is often seen as a sign of aging.Most people believe that only the very elderly need a hip replacement. This belief derives from the facts that bones usually weaken with age. And while there is truth in that...

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